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Static Files in Vagrant Are Not Updating

Nothing’s better than developing projects with Vagrant. Recently I found a problem with Vagrant, VirtualBox or Apache, I don’t know. Every time I make changes on a CSS file for example, it never updated. Apache always sends me the old version of the file. I am using VirtualBox shared folder in /vagrant, and point Apache’s […]

Web Hosting or Cloud Hosting

If you’re considering between web hosting or cloud hosting, there are several factors you may want to consider. Server Resources Server resources is one important factor here. In normal web hosting, several customers are given access to the same physical server with the same host Operating System. Resources in web hosting environment are shared, thus if […]

Connect to another server using public key

Compared to password authentication, public / private key authentication is a more secure way to connect from one server to another. Do the following command from the host server you want to connect from: ssh-keygen -t rsa It will create private and public keys in your home directory, ~/.ssh/id_rsa and ~/.ssh/ respectively. What you need to […]

Amazon Web Services: Free Usage Tier

Recently I am interested in Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services), the cloud technology that companies are talking about in recent years. Amazon AWS provides cloud computing, of course in the “cloud“. So you can run your own server, in any geographic region (US, EU, or APAC), without a huge investments and hassle of having to maintain the hardware. […]

SVN Update Dry Run

As a developer, when you are done with your code modification and you need to check the modification into the SVN repository, sometimes you may find that there are more recent version of the files you are modifying in the repository, especially when your project involves several developers. In this case, you may need to […]

Steve Jobs Biography

A few days ago, I bought this just-released Steve Jobs Biography, by Walter Isaacson, from Kinokuniya Singapore, where they offer 20% discounts for this book. What a great deal! Walter Isaacson is the same person who wrote Albert Einstein’s and Benjamin Franklin’s biography. I’ve been reading other Steve Jobs’ books, one of which is “The Presentation […]

Facebook Timeline Is Still On Its Way

Still remember when Mark Zuckerberg presented on F8  about their biggest change yet, Facebook Timeline? In case you missed it, here’s the keynote presentation on F8, there’s a funny introduction by Andy Samberg pretending to be Mark Zuckerberg which you have to watch! While rumor says that Facebook Timeline will be available for all Facebook users on […]

Faster Firefox

Ever since I updated my Firefox to the newest version (Mozilla Firefox 7.0), I am surprised that Firefox now starts faster than Google Chrome (Chrome 15). Google Chrome used to start a lot faster than Firefox, but it’s a different story now. Cool Firefox!

Facebook Changes: You Just Need To Get Used To It

Every time Facebook changes their interface, these phrases might be very familiar to you: “Give me the old Facebook back!”, or “Facebook, please stop changing!”. By nature, users are not used to a change, because they will need to learn again from scratch. But ironically, they will still use Facebook, no matter how! On 22 Sept 2011, Mark announced […]

Using Memcached in PHP to Speed Up Websites

Memcached is a free, open-source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system. Memcached uses RAM across multiple machines to cache key-value items. When used, memcached can make your website processed faster. Memcache vs. Memcached in PHP There are 2 PECL memcache libraries in PHP, memcache and memcached. Memcache is older, but more widely used; whereas memcached […]

The Original Google

Google has been evolving fast for the past few years. Just look at the newest Google look and feel, which has been greatly improved and consistent across all Google products. Despite all the greatness that Google has now, have you ever wondered, how did the original Google website look like? Some of you might not […]

Review Board: Take The Pain Out of Code Review

Code review has been an efficient way for engineers to maintain code quality. There are some ways that code review can be done. Over-the-shoulder lets reviewer look over author’s shoulder as the latter walks through the code. While pair programming (commonly implemented in extreme programming) is a method where two developers develop code together at […]

Introducing Google+

You might have already heard of Google+, Google’s newest social networking site, that is after Facebook. Right now, Google+ is under field trial, which allows only invited people to get in and try Google+. If you haven’t get one, you might need to wait until Google+ is available for public. Google+ vs. Facebook Google+ introduces […]

What Internet Explorer Good At

This is quite true. The only time I used Internet Explorer was when I have just installed Windows, for downloading Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Hahaha!

Dear Yahoo, Sincerely Google

This joke is hilariously funny, and it does make sense! Dear Yahoo, I’ve never heard anyone say, “I don’t know, let’s Yahoo! it…” just saying… Sincerely, Google.

Mozilla Firefox 5 is Released!

Not long after Mozilla Firefox 4 was released on 22 March 2011, Mozilla Firefox 5 is released today, 21 June 2011, and is ready for download! Although the Graphical User Interface hasn’t been changed since version 4, Mozilla Firefox 5 features improved HTML5 and CSS3 support, improved overall performance, and a Do-Not-Track option. Download the […]

jQuery Dialog Plugin: SimpleModal

jQuery UI provides “dialog” widget for jQuery, which is easy to use, and is already integrated into the jQuery UI core. However, jQuery UI’s dialog widget isn’t easy to style, and most of the time you can only use jQuery UI’s ThemeRoller to edit your widget’s style. After looking for several jQuery dialog alternatives, finally […]

NTU Campus Interview: Common Mistakes

Today, 6 June 2011, I went for NTU Campus Interview event to interview some candidates to fill various position in my company. There were huge interest from NTU students, which mainly are master degree graduates. Some positions offered are Software Engineer, Software Process Engineer, and System Engineer. Despite all the great talents, I spotted some common […]

Online Photo Editor – For Free

Whether you are a web designer, or a web developer, photo editor is a must-have software. The most popular photo editing software out there is very expensive. Even if you can afford it, not all of its features are useful for you. Introducing pixlr, a free photo editor that runs in your browser. No download, […]

Faster Websites: HTTP Caching

Cache is local copies of resources, stored in browser for future use. There are at least 2 advantages when you set the cache for your website properly: Users load your web pages faster for their subsequent visit Less load for your web server Cache mainly useful to keep static resources, like images, CSS, and JavaScript files, […]

Trying Out Hadoop – A Better Way

Cloudera is the company behind the great Apache Hadoop. They provide a VMware Image demo for you to play around. To use the image, first you need to have VMware Player installed in your PC. The image has everything you need to get started with Apache Hadoop. Happy Hadoop-ing!

PHP: Echo or Print? Are Parentheses Required? Single or Double Quotes? And More..

Echo or Print? There are 2 main functions that are commonly used by PHP developers to output a string: echo and print. The question is, which one is better? echo(“Hello World!”); print(“Hello World!”); They are fairly do the same exact thing, but echo is definitely faster than print. Are Parentheses Required? Here’s the fact: echo […]

The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown

Microsoft, the creator of the Internet Explorer, is running an online campaign called “The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown“. The purpose it to let people move off from the “troublemaker” Internet Explorer 6. To date, there are still 11.4% Internet Explorer 6 users worldwide (April 2011). From the online campaign website: 10 years ago a browser was […]

Microsoft to Acquire Skype

Today, 10 May 2011, Microsoft and Skype announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will acquire Skype, the leading Internet communications company, for $8.5 billion in cash. The agreement has been approved by the boards of directors of both Microsoft and Skype. Read the press release.

Apple Is The New Google

It is something you might have guessed if you saw people queuing outside the Apple Store in the hours before a new shipment of iPads arrives, or if you count up the people tuned into those iconic white earphones in any train carriage, but now it is official: Apple is the most valuable brand on […]

Quality Code

One of the challenges for software developers, beside creating codes that work, is to have code quality. It’s not that hard to do, but unfortunately most developers don’t know and aware that quality code is extremely important. A working code doesn’t mean a quality code. Several factors that affect code quality include: Readability. Easiest way to […]

When Was The Last Time You Heard of Friendster?

I can’t remember when was my last time hearing the word “Friendster”. It seems like out of the social networking world decades ago. The last time I used Friendster, I remember it was quite a mess, where one’s profile page can be customized; Flashy background images, flash files, background sounds, that’s kind of cool for […]

Faster Websites: Data URI Scheme for Images

Do you know that you can use Data URI Scheme to embed images in your web page? Data URI Scheme is a way of including in-line data in web pages, as if they were external resources. This will minimize the number of HTTP requests needed by the browser to display the page. Remember that single […]

Faster Websites: Google Libraries API

If you are using JavaScript libraries for your project, like jQuery, Ext, or Prototype, you are highly encouraged to use Google Libraries API instead of hosting your own copy. Google hosted most popular JavaScript libraries, including: Chrome Frame, Dojo, Ext Core, jQuery, jQuery UI, MooTools, Prototype,, SWFObject, YUI Library, WebFont Loader. There are some […]

HTML, CSS, JavaScript Debugging in Internet Explorer with Firebug Lite

You enjoy Firebug in Firefox, but you may be having hard times debugging on other browsers, especially on Internet Explorer. You may want to try Firebug Lite, the same look and feel with Firefox add-on version, but Firebug Lite is a bookmarklet, a small JavaScript bookmark that will load debugging script into your HTML page, […]

Trying Out Hadoop

If you would like to try out Hadoop, the open-source distributed system, you can do so by installing Hadoop in your PC as a Single Node. Even if your PC is running on Windows, you can install Hadoop on it as your development platform. You need a Linux system for a production platform though. Download Hadoop […]

Faster Websites: Minified JavaScripts

Minification of JavaScript files can reduce file size, so they won’t hurt users. The process includes removing all unnecessary characters from the source code, without changing its functionality. These unnecessary characters usually include white spaces, new lines, comments, etc, which are used to add readability to the code but are not required for it to […]

Netbeans 7.0 Is Here!

The IDE that we have been waiting for is now here! Netbeans 7.0 was released on April 19, 2011. Download Netbeans 7.0 here. Also read the Release Notes.

Faster Websites: Gzip Compression

HTML pages, CSS files, and JavaScripts are compressible elements. But most of the time, they are bulky in size, and can hurt users when uncompressed. Although most browsers already support gzip, but in many cases, gzip are not turned on in web servers, resulting in transfer of uncompressed contents. Gzip can speed up transfers between browsers and […]

Faster Websites: CSS Before JS

If you think that inserting order of  CSS and JS files is not important, think again. Downloading an external JS file will cause a browser to block subsequent downloads until the JS file has completely downloaded. However, some newer browsers have fixed these bottleneck. <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/path/to/js”></script> <link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” href=”/path/to/css” /> The above example […]

Web Metrics by Google

I found Google’s interesting web metrics highlight: The average web page takes up 320 KB on the wire. Only two-thirds of the compressible material on a page is actually compressed. In 80% of pages, 10 or more resources are loaded from a single host. The most popular sites could eliminate more than 8 HTTP requests per page if they […]

PHP Coding Standards

Coding standards are a set of guidelines for a specific programming language that recommend programming style, practices and methods for each aspect of a piece program written in this language. These standards usually cover file organization, indentation, comments, declarations, statements, white space, naming conventions, programming practices, programming principles, programming rules of thumb, etc. Do you […]

Firefox High Memory Usage for Web Developers

Mozilla Firefox is people’s favorite browser, that includes developers too. Many useful tools and add-ons are available for Mozilla Firefox. Just to mention some of them: Firebug (It’s a must-have for web developers!), Page Speed, etc. And also, Mozilla Firefox is one of the browser that implements most of web standards, so it’s good for […]

MySQL Database Query Efficiency

Long time ago, when my company didn’t practice any coding standard, this was how we wrote our MySQL queries: $query = “select * from users where city = ‘Singapore’ and birthdate > ‘1980-01-01’ and birthdate < ‘1990-01-01′”; It was definitely not human-friendly, as it would be very long and unreadable. Then, more than a year […]

Remembering The Day: Our Very Own Unique Wedding Website

I have been married with my beautiful wife for 7 months now. Long before we are married, we already thought of creating our very own unique wedding website. The concepts are simple: we want to share the joy with everyone, and let them speak to us. It took us months to create the concept. While I […]

Is IE9 a modern browser? NO.

I came across an interesting article proving Microsoft’s statement that IE9 has 99% HTML5 support and 100% CSS3 support. Are they true? Based on the article, they’re not. Look at my favorite statement in the article: Does IE9 support 99% of the HTML5 specification as insinuated by Microsoft? No, they’re actually pretty far from it. The […]

First Bad Impression of IE9

The very first impression of IE9 turned me off: It cannot be installed on Windows XP. You need Windows Vista or Windows 7 to install Internet Explorer 9, where most PCs in the world still use Windows XP (Feb 2011). IE9 is truly not the beauty of the web.

Waiting for Netbeans 7.0

I am using Netbeans for my software development, and currenly using Netbeans 6.9.1 for PHP. I like Netbeans because this IDE is rich of features, just to mention some of them: code highlight, excellent code completion, FTP upload, revision control, etc. And Netbeans has planned to launch its new version of Netbeans 7.0. Right now […]

Download The New Firefox 4

If you haven’t download the newest Mozilla Firefox 4, you can do so by visiting Some of the top features of Mozilla Firefox 4: Browsing Made Easy High Performance Advanced Security Powerful Personalization The Cutting Edge Universal Access

I am back

It’s been a while since I posted my last post in this blog. And I have been thinking to revamp my blog to discuss another topic. I decided to write things related to technology, software development, and friends. Hope you are as excited as I am.